Italy, Art

L'Albero di Natale più grande del mondo

Where: Gubbio, Perugia (Umbria)
Eventi Decoration Light Mount Ingino, whose foot extends the city. The tree is about 750 meters high and wide at the base about 450, the perimeter is designed with about 250 points and as many multicolored Bright Clean green are installed in the main.
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Magie al Borgo

Where: Costa Di Mezzate, Bergamo (Lombardia)
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Where: Civezza, Imperia (Liguria)
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Festa della Terrecotta

Where: Samminiatello, Firenze (Toscana)
An important event which is valued and promoted the art of working with clay, which since the sixteenth century has produced works of prized bill.
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Where: San Giovanni Valdarno, Arezzo (Toscana)
The international festival of street theater, comedy and figure offers a whole weekend in which the streets of the medieval village of San Giovanni Valdarno resound with voices, music, noise, laughter and enchanting atmospheres.
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