Basilicata, festival and fairs

Storia di una Cattedrale

Where: Acerenza, Potenza (Basilicata)
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Sagra delle fragole

Where: Viggiano, Potenza (Basilicata)
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Sfilata dei Turchi

Where: Potenza, Potenza (Basilicata)
Eventi An event that is lost in legend, the arrival of the Turks in 1111 in fact, rejected by the intervention of angels sent from St. Gerard, the patron saint of the city.
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Processione a mare

Where: Maratea, Potenza (Basilicata)
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Il Maggio di Accettura

Where: Accettura, Matera (Basilicata)
Eventi Also known as the marriage between two trees, the feast of Accettura is a rite of agrarian cult of pagan origins, come down to us through the overlay, which occurred in the eighteenth century, the liturgical celebration of the patron Saint Julian.
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La Pentecoste

Where: Melfi, Potenza (Basilicata)
Eventi This is one of the oldest re-enactment of Southern Italy and is the only event that is celebrated in honor of the Holy Spirit. The struggle between France and Spain, for dominance in the Kingdom of Naples during the sixteenth century, revives one of his episodes at Melfi in Basilicata.
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Festa del Raccolto

Where: San Giorgio Lucano, Matera (Basilicata)
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Lauria Folk Festival

Where: Lauria, Potenza (Basilicata)
Eventi Back Lauria Folk Festival, the event dedicated to the tradition and peasant life. A large number of the events of the weekend: the Palio of the Districts of Pacifiers from Lauria, the promotion of local production, through the initiatives to explore the territory of the southern Basilicata.
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Where: Tursi, Matera (Basilicata)
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U Zite e a Zite

Where: San Fele, Potenza (Basilicata)
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