Italy, festival and fairs in January

Bahio di Sampeyre

Where: Sampeyre, Cuneo (Piemonte)
To be confirmed

Battuglie 'e pastellesse

Where: Macerata Campania, Caserta (Campania)
To be confirmed

Ruzzola del formaggio

Where: Pontelandolfo, Benevento (Campania)
Eventi Back during the Carnival the appointment with the old and traditional game of "Ruzzola of cheese".
To be confirmed

Sagra del Pane

Where: Villaurbana, Oristano (Sardegna)
To be confirmed

Sagra della frittella di cavolfiore a ch...

Where: Tuscania, Viterbo (Lazio)
Eventi Suggestive scenario in which every year takes shape in Tuscania, since 1972, the celebration of St. Anthony, the patron saint of animals. To make a frame in an atmosphere of great emotional impact are the Feast of the cauliflower fritters that, as usual, is organized on the occasion dedicated to the saint.
To be confirmed

Fiera di Romagna

Where: Rimini, Rimini (Emilia Romagna)
To be confirmed

San Sebastiano

Where: Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa (Sicilia)
Eventi The party, scheduled for the anniversary of 20 January, in Palazzolo is replicated on August 10, with the same frame but with a great devotion to the public, spectacle and of folklore exceptional.
To be confirmed

Festa del Nino

Where: Sant'Andrea di Suasa, Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
Eventi The Ninovisione, or you eat with your eyes, aims to tell the gastronomic culture of the area.
To be confirmed

Festival della Cucina Mantovana

Where: Mantova, Mantova (Lombardia)
To be confirmed

Sacro fuoco di Sant'Antonio

Where: BAGNAIA, Viterbo (Lazio)
To be confirmed