Marche, festival and fairs

Sagra del vino cotto

Where: Loro Piceno, Macerata (Marche)
Confirmed : Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I Malatesta a Fano

Where: Fano, Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
To be confirmed

Mostra Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco Preg...

Where: Sant'Angelo in Vado, Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
Eventi For four consecutive weekends, the town Marche a few steps from Urbino, will become the mecca of "King" truffle.
To be confirmed

Palio del mare

Where: Porto Sant'elpidio, Fermo (Marche)
To be confirmed

Processione del Cristo Morto

Where: Acquaviva Picena, Ascoli Piceno (Marche)
To be confirmed

Sagra della castagna

Where: Montegallo, Ascoli Piceno (Marche)
To be confirmed


Where: Fermo, Fermo (Marche)
Eventi The most comprehensive exhibitions Exhibitions wine, extra virgin olive oil and gourmet typical Marche.
To be confirmed

Sagra della polenta

Where: San Costanzo, Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
Eventi The Festival of San Costanzo Polenta is a traditional event for the area Pesaro, certainly the oldest festival in the Marches. Marks the end of winter and traditionally held in mid-March.
To be confirmed

Sagra del Castagnolo

Where: Monte San Vito, Ancona (Marche)
Eventi Parade of costumed groups, music, games and traditional launch of the sausage with a parachute. "
To be confirmed

La Turba

Where: Cantiano, Pesaro e Urbino (Marche)
Eventi In folkloric and religious traditions are very common Italian commemorations of the Passion of Christ on the night of Good Friday.
To be confirmed