Italy, Religious-festivals

Il Carro Trionfale di San Antonio

Where: Messina, Messina (Sicilia)
Eventi Messina, a city rich in history and ancient religious traditions, each year renewed his great devotion and the moving tribute to one of the world's most beloved saints, St. Anthony, the saint of Miracles.
Confirmed : Sunday, June 25, 2017

Festa di San Vivenzio

Where: Blera, Viterbo (Lazio)
To be confirmed

Festa in onore di Maria Santissima di Ta...

Where: Vita, Trapani (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Festa della Rosa

Where: Cascia, Perugia (Umbria)
Eventi The Feast of the Rose, the flower symbol of Santa Rita and her native country, the village of the town of Cascia Roccaporena, is all geared to intense meditation.
To be confirmed

Festa di San Giovanni

Where: Chianciano Terme, Siena (Toscana)
To be confirmed

Festa del Muzzuni

Where: Alcara Li Fusi, Messina (Sicilia)
Eventi From time immemorial, celebrated "Muzzuni U", a cross between the ancient pagan festivals that took place in honor of "Mother Earth" that Demetrius and the Orphic rites. And 'one of the oldest festivals in the Western world. It is celebrated from 4 thousand years.
To be confirmed

Festa di Montecastello

Where: Cava De' Tirreni, Salerno (Campania)
Eventi Since 1656 the Festival Montecastello in Cava dei Tirreni recalls the grace received in the aftermath of the tragic event in which the population suffered a devastating because of the plague.
To be confirmed

Festa San Pietro e Paolo

Where: Otranto, Lecce (Puglia)
To be confirmed

Festino di Santa Rosalia

Where: Palermo, Palermo (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Festa di San Biagio e Santa Giacinta

Where: Vignanello, Viterbo (Lazio)
To be confirmed