Sicily, festival and fairs

Il Carro Trionfale di San Antonio

Where: Messina, Messina (Sicilia)
Eventi Messina, a city rich in history and ancient religious traditions, each year renewed his great devotion and the moving tribute to one of the world's most beloved saints, St. Anthony, the saint of Miracles.
Confirmed : Sunday, June 25, 2017

I Riti della Settimana Santa

Where: Francofonte, Siracusa (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Sacra rappresentazione della passione

Where: PERGUSA, Enna (Sicilia)
Passion play, with living characters, the passion and death of Jesus
To be confirmed

Sagra del pane e del vino nuovo

Where: Itala, Messina (Sicilia)
During the festival will be held tasting bread "Bread cunsatu" and good wine again. You can also enjoy cheese, salami and empha different. All this will be gladdened by the notes of the musical band of Italy.
To be confirmed

Palio del grano

Where: Rosolini, Siracusa (Sicilia)
Eventi The event celebrates the history of the founding of the city in 1712 through a theatrical performance, the eighteenth and the Parade of Palio race between the six districts.
To be confirmed

Festa della Madonna delle Milizie

Where: Scicli, Ragusa (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Festa del Pane

Where: Novara Di Sicilia, Messina (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Festa di Santa Croce o Sagra del Tatarat...

Where: Casteltermini, Agrigento (Sicilia)
Eventi It’s started from the Santa Croce feast context which celebrates, every IVth sunday of May, for more than four centuries, the finding of a woody Cross which dates 70 a.C.
To be confirmed

Festa in onore di Maria Santissima di Ta...

Where: Vita, Trapani (Sicilia)
To be confirmed

Festa Patronale di San Silvestro

Where: Troina, Enna (Sicilia)
To be confirmed