Umbria, festival and fairs

Festa d'autunno

Where: Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Perugia (Umbria)
Confirmed : Saturday, October 28, 2017

Festa del Bigonzone

Where: Castel Viscardo, Terni (Umbria)
Confirmed : Sunday, November 12, 2017

Presepe vivente

Where: Alviano, Terni (Umbria)
To be confirmed

Sagra del pesce

Where: Umbertide, Perugia (Umbria)
To be confirmed

San Firmina

Where: Amelia, Terni (Umbria)
Feast of St. Firmin. Picturesque procession in costume
To be confirmed

San Martino

Where: Nocera Umbra, Perugia (Umbria)
Festa di San Martino
To be confirmed

Sagra della Lepre

Where: Dunarobba, Terni (Umbria)
Eventi Also this year, the Pro Loco Dunarobba invites you to the Traditional Day of Summer. In addition to the Gourmet Delicacies tested Tavern.
To be confirmed

Sagra dello strangozzo

Where: Montefalco, Perugia (Umbria)
Eventi A large food stand to taste the local cuisine as strangozzi with truffles and roast goose with potato flesh. All accompanied by the best local wines.
To be confirmed

Palio dei Colombi

Where: Amelia, Terni (Umbria)
Eventi The Palio is a traditional horse race: five knights represent the five city quarters in a spectacular race they have to spear a target. Every knight is coupled with a crossbowman who has to shoot an arrow toward a target connected to a dove-cot whose centre opens setting free in flight a dove.
To be confirmed

Palio delle barche

Where: Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Perugia (Umbria)
Eventi The commemoration of the last act of civil war in Perugia, when a small army of Oddi family had to flee, boats on their shoulders, from the castle of Passignano, pursued by militias and the Baglioni of Corgna.
To be confirmed