Veneto, festival and fairs

Nella terra di Ezzelino

Where: San Zenone Degli Ezzelini, Treviso (Veneto)
Confirmed : Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Festa del Torbolin

Where: Monteforte D'alpone, Verona (Veneto)
Election of the King of Torbolin, the mask that best conveys Monteforte and her country tradition. Who will drink a glass of wine or Soave Torbolin will be given a ballot paper on which to vote for the preferred candidate.
Confirmed : Saturday, November 04, 2017

Mostra di Presepi tradizionali

Where: Soave, Verona (Veneto)
Eventi The charming medieval town, transformed into a picturesque corner of Palestine, becomes the stage with evocative depictions of the birth of Jesus
To be confirmed

Palio delle Contrade

Where: Santa Lucia Di Piave, Treviso (Veneto)
To be confirmed

Sagra paesana di San Giovanni Battista

Where: Meolo, Venezia (Veneto)
Eventi Village feast of St. John the Baptist where you can eat and drink indoors.
To be confirmed

Fiera Campionaria

Where: Lonigo, Vicenza (Veneto)
Eventi It was a small festival, but Lonigo has revived the show in March, transforming and transferring of horses at the show within the walls of the country.
To be confirmed

Salone Internazionale dell'Agroalimentar...

Where: Verona, Verona (Veneto)
Eventi The International Exhibition of extra virgin quality is a fundamental reference point for the thousands of professionals and the many international buyers, by deepening the topics very interesting and qualified product offerings.
To be confirmed


Where: Verona, Verona (Veneto)
Eventi Vinitaly, The World We Love, by almost half a century, an event that offers the best tasting wines in the world with many related events and every year.
To be confirmed

Brusa la vecia

Where: Comelico Superiore, Belluno (Veneto)
To be confirmed

Festa di Primavera

Where: Pieve Di Cadore, Belluno (Veneto)
To be confirmed