Abruzzo, Historical-Reenactments

Lu Bbongiorne e il Palio delle Contrade

Where: Pianella, Pescara (Abruzzo)
Eventi Historical representation "Lu Bbongiorne and Palio of the contrade (Chariot racing). Games, music, dance, theater and popular satirical verses giullareschi.
Confirmed : Sunday, April 05, 2015

Il Trionfo della Pace

Where: Teramo, Teramo (Abruzzo)
The "FESTIVAL OF PEACE", was established in Teramo in March 1559 following a long and painful period of serious conflicts that plagued the municipal government of Teramo in the middle of the sixteenth century.
To be confirmed

La Farchia

Where: Tufillo, Chieti (Abruzzo)
Eventi On Christmas Eve in the main square a large stack of wood is built and then set alight, to illuminate the holiest night of the year.
To be confirmed

La festa di San Vitale

Where: San Salvo, Chieti (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

Festa dei banderesi

Where: Bucchianico, Chieti (Abruzzo)
Eventi The Festival is a commemoration of Banderesi historical folklore that stems from a fact-arms, Bucchianico happened in the Middle Ages.
To be confirmed

La Battaglia di Montorio

Where: Montorio Al Vomano, Teramo (Abruzzo)
Eventi Commemoration of the conspiracy of the barons, inspired by a battle fought in Montorio in 1486 among the barons, proponents of the restoration and Angevin troops of Alfonso of Aragon, son of King Ferdinand.
To be confirmed

Rievocazione della trebbiatura

Where: Altino, Chieti (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

A cena con i Bizantini

Where: Crecchio, Chieti (Abruzzo)
Eventi A cultural and gastronomic itinerary in downtown Crecchio. The streets and squares of the old village are alive with evocative reenactments, daily life scenes, ancient crafts, music and dancing.
To be confirmed

Giostra cavalleresca

Where: Sulmona, L'Aquila (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

Palio delle botti

Where: Corropoli, Teramo (Abruzzo)
Eventi Reenactment of Pentecost Celestiana and Palio delle Botti. Historic procession with over 200 participants.
To be confirmed