Abruzzo, Historical-Reenactments

La Perdonanza Celestiniana

Where: L'aquila, L'Aquila (Abruzzo)
Eventi During his short pontificate, Pope Celestine V, who was canonized in 1313, issued a bull of pardon with which granted a plenary indulgence to all the faithful.
Confirmed : Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Il Mastrogiurato

Where: Lanciano, Chieti (Abruzzo)
Eventi Last Sunday in August, the first Sunday in September, a week of great events: concerts of early music, theater, street theater, jugglers, knights and fighters, dinners medieval setting, medieval fair and a great parade in costumes Period.
Confirmed : Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lu Bbongiorne e il Palio delle Contrade

Where: Pianella, Pescara (Abruzzo)
Eventi Historical representation "Lu Bbongiorne and Palio of the contrade (Chariot racing). Games, music, dance, theater and popular satirical verses giullareschi.
To be confirmed

Corsa degli zingari

Where: Pacentro, L'Aquila (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

Festa del cero

Where: Teramo, Teramo (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

Rievocazione storica a Monteodorisio

Where: Monteodorisio, Chieti (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

A te Pumpa me

Where: Alfedena, L'Aquila (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed

Festa dei banderesi

Where: Bucchianico, Chieti (Abruzzo)
Eventi The Festival is a commemoration of Banderesi historical folklore that stems from a fact-arms, Bucchianico happened in the Middle Ages.
To be confirmed

La Battaglia di Montorio

Where: Montorio Al Vomano, Teramo (Abruzzo)
Eventi Commemoration of the conspiracy of the barons, inspired by a battle fought in Montorio in 1486 among the barons, proponents of the restoration and Angevin troops of Alfonso of Aragon, son of King Ferdinand.
To be confirmed

Rievocazione della trebbiatura

Where: Altino, Chieti (Abruzzo)
To be confirmed